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Two Little Penguins

Handpicked by You!

You'll be spoilt for choice by our huge variety of Ice Cream from the multi award winning

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream and you can be assured that we'll never use a cheaper alternative.


We can also supply Sorbets and English Lakes Diabetic Ice Cream.


We cater to any special dietary requirements and can supply Ice Lollies too! 


We stock… Dairy Free Ice Cream!

 We can supply delicious dairy free ice cream, as well as Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Sorbets, Just ask!!!

Your day

your way

Below are some of our most popular Deluxe, Luxury and Special Luxury Ice Creams followed by Sobets.


If you have a favourite and it's not listed, don't worry, just ask and we'll see what we can do.


We know its difficult but pick your four favourites now... go on, we dare you!


Vanilla with Pod

A classic!

Strawberries & Cream

Rich & creamy with strawberry fruit pieces


A real chocolate delight

Mint Choc Chip

with luxury dark chocolate chips

Rum 'n' Raisin

With a tipple and the juiciest raisins


Cinder toffee melted into delicious swirls

Raspberry Ripple

A more traditional treat


Not just for kids!


White Choc Chunk

White chocolate ice cream together with

luxury white chocolate chunks

Raspberry Pavlova

A taste of summer, mixing delicate meringue pieces throughout

Toffee Fudge

Toffee ice cream with a generous helping of clotted cream fudge pieces

Double Chocolate

Smooth creamy milk chocolate ice cream with milk and white chocolate drops



Cheshire plain, with a Raspberry Ripple & Smarties


Jelly Bean ice cream with Bubblegum Ripple & Sugared Unicorns!


The finest bananas, toffee ripple and

butterscotch pieces

Chocolate Ripple Cookie Dough

Rich chocolate ripple and chewy

cookie dough pieces

Salted Caramel

Luxury caramel ice cream

enhanced with vanilla sea salt

Mango & Passion Fruit

Tropical mango Ice Cream with a Tangy passion fruit ripple, a taste of the exotic

Turkish Delight

With Turkish Delight favour ripple & chocolate chunks

Rocky Road

Chocolate ice cream and ripple, Marshmellow, Chocolate Chips & Biscuit Crumble 

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Peanut, Choc Caramel

Delicious Peanut ice cream with caramel ripple

and chocolate pieces 

Malt Tease

Strewn with chocolate-coated honeycomb balls & chocolate ripple... delicious

Cointreau & Orange

A delicate orange ice cream laced with luxury Cointreau liqueur, amazingly indulgent

Choc Fudge Cookie

A combination of toffee ice cream with chocolate fudge brownie pieces and rich chocolate ripple

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Burnt Caramel ice cream with melted Honeycomb and Treacle Ripple


Rich chocolate hazelnut ice cream, with a

combination of chopped roast hazelnuts, chocolate biscuit and chocolate pieces


This soft green pistachio ice cream

mixed with real pistachio nuts is a perfect combination for any nut lover

Mocha Coffee Bean

Luxury mocha coffee flavoured ice cream with generous helpings of chocolate coffee

beans will take you to caffeine heaven

White Chocolate, Raspberry & Oreos

White chocolate ice cream with luxurious raspberry ripple, scattered with Oreo pieces

Cherry Crumble

Cherry Ice Cream with scrumptious crumble pieces



Prosecco Blush

Gin & Tonic




Green Apple

Wild Cherry

Passion Fruit

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